Although there are undocumented reports of tent meetings in Aledo in the late 1890's, the earliest confirmed record of the Church of Christ in Aledo dates from 1902 when G. Dallas Smith conducted a tent meeting here. Afterward, the meetings of the church were held in the school building with W.H. Hodges as minister.

Old BuildingIn 1904, the elders of the Christian Church in Aledo (B.F. Spain, Dr. Lacy, H.W. Middleton and V.O. Hildreth) purchased the tract of land at the SW corner of the end of Bowie Street (one block south of the RR crossing) and a meeting house was constructed there in 1906 (was recently known as the Parson’s Table).

In 1927, brother J.H. Richards from Fort Worth, Naomi Robbins, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Wiley and family, and Mrs. Robert Spain met at the building and made plans to begin having worship services every Sunday. Many preachers came to help in those early years. They included: Jesse Powell, Ira Sanders, Willard Morrow, Will Swope, Ira Brister, John Straighton, R.L. Yancy, James Shock, Joe Scarborough, Elbert Pearcy, brothers Birchman, Mahon, Stricling, and Bradshaw.

By 1938, elders and deacons had been appointed. Two classrooms, a restroom, and a baptistery were added. In 1945, a preacher's house was built just west of the building. Clem Thurman and his wife, Ann, were the first to live there. Then, in 1958, more classrooms, another restroom, and a nursery were added to the church building, along with an upstairs containing still more classrooms and a study.

BuildingIn 1969, a new brick house was built to replace the old preacher's house. Then, in 1971, the present church building was built. It was constructed to seat over 300 people and had a dozen classrooms, a fellowship room, office, and a nursery. In 1982, a two story addition doubled the size of the fellowship room, added eight more classrooms, another office, more restroom facilities and a printing room. On November 23, 1987, the auditorium was filled to capacity with a then record 340 people meeting for Sunday morning worship.  The largest crowd since was for the Summer Youth Series on July 13, 2010 with more than 370 teenagers and youth workers in attendance. A complete renovation of the building was completed in 2000.

In 1977, Kenton Harvey came to us from the Justin Church of Christ. He preached here at the Aledo Church of Christ for 31 years. His tenure here speaks volumes for his and the Aledo congregation's commitment. Steve Vogl served as the interim minister for roughly two years following Kenton's retirement.   Ron Buch served as our pulpit minister from November 2010 through February 2015. Charlie Thomason served as the pulpit minister from December 2015 through March 2017. Marco Arroyo served as our pulpit minister from December 2017 through February 2021.

Britt Farmer began his work here as pulpit minister on April 19th, 2021.

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