Mexico Mission Work

Our main purpose is to preach and teach the word of God among Aztec and Huasteca Indians and our brethren of these tribal groups in Mexico.  Nauati and Spanish languages are spoken by both groups.  Aledo supports one full-time indigenous Mexican evangelist as well as cooperating with sister congregations in south Texas and Missouri to support seven additional evangelists in Mexico.

Aledo's work in Mexico started in 1975 with two of our Elders and our Evangelist visiting the work for the first time in 1978.  Starting in 1984 we began visiting the work twice each year.  Each campaign is led by our Missions Deacon, O.C. Dugan, who is often accompanied by other members of our congregation.

In addition to our campaigns serving to encourage our missionaries on the field, we also use our trips to bring needed supplies not readily available in Mexico.  Spanish Bibles, Bible dictionaries, songbooks, children's Bible class material, communion supplies, tracts, study aides, and some necessities for home are among the items we transport.

There seems to be a greater receptivity and interest in the Gospel by the indigenous Aztec and Huasteca people now than there has been at any point in our 42 years of partnering in this work. While the predominant religion of the area is Catholic, as of November 2016 there are 130 congregations of Churches of Christ of various membership sizes in southern Mexico.

As of November 2014, brother Benjamin Bruce of Deluth, GA has joined the Aledo group in visiting the brethren in Mexico.

Eastern European Missions

Aledo has partnered with Eastern European Missions (E.E.M.) in their work in Russia and Ukraine.  We send annual contributions in an effort to support their ongoing mission.  While many of the former Soviet Bloc nations once forbid the practice of Christianity, many of these same nations are now welcoming the message.  The collapse of the U.S.S.R. has allowed free states to open their doors and hearts to the Gospel.  In 2010, our challenge was to meet the opportunity of placing the Bible in the hands of every student in Russian and Ukraine.  There are more than 9,200 schools with roughly 2 million students who will be receiving Bibles in their own languages.  We are honored to be part of the E.E.M's endeavor to meet this opportunity.

World Christian Broadcasting

World Christian Broadcasting has had a door opened in Madagascar, Africa.  The work will allow them to build a 300 x 100 foot antenna to broadcast short wave signals that will reach audiences in countries where Christian evangelists are not allowed to work.  When the antenna is completed, it is estimated that a capacity to reach 95% of the world's population will be possible.  The antenna will be used to broadcast in various languages 20 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This is another work we support with an annual contribution.

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