Aledo Youth

The Aledo Youth group is a vital part of our congregation. We strive to incorporate them into the various works of the church so they can appreciate their role in the church family and prepare for the day when they will be leading others.

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Ladies Ministry

Children's Ministry

Our Vision: The children in our care will develop a deep relationship with God, be great Christian examples and share the Word and love of God with the world.

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Young Adults & Families

Our Young Adults and Young Families Class is a growing portion of our congregation.  We began this class as both an outreach and in-reach ministry.  We have several families and single individuals in their 20s and 30s in the Aledo church family who are experiencing similar life stages.  Our Young Adults and Young Families class meets at 9:30 on Sunday Mornings as part of our regular Bible classes.

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Whistle Stop Preschool

Our goal is to be of service to families by providing a safe and fun place for your child to prepare for Kindergarten.

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Ways to plug in to Aledo and get to know our church family.

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