Deacon" literally means servant or waiter.  This is the work that is described in Acts 6:1-6.  In that passage, the Apostles of the church felt they could not complete the spiritual work they were doing and the physical work that needed to be done.  They asked the church to consider men who could take care of the specific task of ensuring that all the widows in their church were being served food.  Today, Deacons serve the role of taking care of specific physical work in the church.  At the Aledo Church of Christ, we have several Deacons who take the lead in making sure that specific physical ministries of the church are done.


O.C. is 76 years of age and has been married to his wife Glennetta since 1958.  He became a Christian when he was 18 years old. He became interested in mission work to Mexico through Floyd Sorrell from Beaumont, Texas who was one of the first Church of Christ members to start mission work there.    His work started in 1958 and he came to the Aledo church requesting we form a partnership with him as a supporting congregation.  It was then that O.C. was bitten by the mission bug and has been actively involved in conjunction with other congregations throughout the southern United States for mission efforts across the globe. He has gone on the Mexico mission trip for 31 years. He has been engaged in Aledo's mission work for many years and was installed as a Deacon to work with our Missions Ministry in 2006.

Sam James

Sam James was born and raised in Weatherford, Tx where he graduated from high school.
Sam then earned his paramedic certification while working at Cook Children’s hospital.

While working in the hospital together, Sam met his wife Traci, a nurse on the unit, who is an Abilene Christian University graduate.

Sam and Traci were married in 2007 and moved to West Fort Worth. They began worshiping with the Aledo Church of Christ family in 2009.

Since then they have had 2 children, Britton & Briley, and have moved to Aledo.

Sam oversees our Bible class education ministry, teaches Bible classes and helps with devotionals. Sam also oversees building maintenance and upkeep as well as the benevolence service.

Richard King

Richard King is a life-long resident of Aledo with long family ties to the Aledo Church of Christ.  He was raised by parents who were members of the Aledo church and he has been a part of this congregation since his own baptism.  Richard has three children and six grandchildren.  Richard has served as a Deacon for more than 35 years.  He currently works with our worship ministry

Frank Kszyminiski

Frank Kszyminiski was born in Blue Island, Ill.  He graduated from Bremin Community High School in Midlothian, Ill.  He joined the Air Force in 1960 following his graduation.  He married his wife Darlene of Hobbs, N.M. in 1965.   They have three children, five grandchildren and four great grandchild.    Frank had a wide-spread and eventful service in the Air Force.  His career began at Syracuse University studying Russian.  He later worked with the Air Force communication intelligence services in a number of locations.  He retired from the Air Force in 1981 with 21 years of service.  He has also worked with the Army Corp of Engineers and Justin Boot Company.  All of his career has been spent in information technologies.  Darlene has worked in Education all of her career earning a degree from TCU and teaching for 21 years, mostly in Aledo ISD.  Frank leads our sound room ministry. He works diligently to train our young men in this work.

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